E-Cat Contracts with US Partner

Rumblings from the Rossi camp and now a press release from Prometeon SRL, the Italian Licensee of Leonardo Corporation’s E-Cat products, confirm the signing of a contract with a U.S. entity (translated):
A very important agreement concerning the Leonardo Corporation, producer of ‘E-Cat, was signed in October in the wake of the tests on’ Hot Cat made ​​since June in Italy and the United States. A 1 MW thermal which uses the ‘Hot Cat should be in place during 2013 in a plant for the production and distribution of energy or located in the U.S. or in a country in which the counterparty is a signatory to the activities, and will be one of the first non-military applications of this revolutionary technology.

Cold Fusion and the Energy Crisis

A recent article by Dr. Stoyan Sarg recaps all the potential benefits and hurdles LENR has faced in the last quarter century:

While the year 2011 will be remembered for the remarkable progress in cold fusion achieved in Italy and more particularly by the E-cat reactors of Andrea Rossi, the year 2012 will be remembered for the slow progress of its recognition by the mainstream establishments.