CECR: Controlled Electron Capture Reaction

LENR, LANR, CANR, CECR … the list of acronyms for theories describing the “cold fusion” phenomena continues to grow as does the number of players hoping to capitalize on the growing awareness of low energy nuclear reactions.
As described below, Robert E. Godes and Brillouin Energy Corporation is using the hydrogen in ordinary water to stimulate an exothermic nuclear process that produces no hazardous waste. The process stimulates a Controlled Electron Capture Reaction (CECR) in a catalyst which creates low energy neutrons which generates heat as they are captured, building heavier elements. Brillouin is hoping to license this technology in the near future.
Disclosure: I am a shareholder of Brillouin Energy Inc.

4 thoughts on “CECR: Controlled Electron Capture Reaction

  1. I have actually been working on building reactors to prove and promote CECR originally called Quantum Fusion since 1992. The first article published on the hypothesis was issue 82 November / December INFINITE ENERGY mag 2008.
    What make Brillouin energy different than the crowed in LENR is my background in Mechatronics. This background in mechanical + electronic control systems + sensors with various areas of chemistry and several areas of physics allowed me to see the reaction from all the different angles necessary to fully understand the complete picture of the physics that drives the reaction. This also allowed me to write a patent application that covers all the requirements necessary to build an industrially useful reactor. This is IP with the team, and engineering required to bring a product to market is what make Brillouin Energy unique.

  2. Very lucid explanation of CECR, better than anyone else. Thanks
    I have a question. Could compression waves from the combustion of hydrogen and oxygen also cause the Q-waves and trigger the march up the stairs etc?

  3. New and innovative energy resources will be one of the key factors if the economic errors of the last century, which threaten to bring this world to the brink of annihilation, can be reversed. If we intend to bring about a better world than the one we see, forward thinking individual MUST try to make it happen. How can I invest in this technology and the promise that it holds for the future of humanity?

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