NASA in the News Again

NASA is in the news again with some commentary on the Widom-Larsen ultra-low-momentum neutron theory of low-energy nuclear reactions. It seems the growing pressure to be the first success story for LENR as an alternative energy source is creating some interesting dynamics among the various competitors.

NASA and the Widom-Larsen group, who are working on commercialization of LENR, have had quite the history. The following article details the unfolding drama.
NASA and Widom-Larsen Theory: Inside Story

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  1. Since more energy is prcouded by nuclear processes than chemical. It would likely be fine to store the hydrogen in the form of water or any other chemical where the hydrogen can be extracted without too much trouble. This will make the reactors less efficient. However, at least some of the energy required for breaking the chemical bonds could be obtain via solar power, which would minimize inefficiencies.Since humans need water too, it’s probably unwise to actually use water, or at least drinkable water. Another issue with water is what to do with the oxygen. If little oxygen is prcouded (relative to the amount of oxygen in the air), then it’s not really an issue. However, if too much is prcouded, then it must be used somehow or removed from the ship. Thus ideally, the hydrogen should be chemically bonded to something that would be rather useful once the hydrogen has been removed, and ideally solid or liquid at room temp.Although not sure how much oxygen would be prcouded by this method. It might be an insignificant amount, enough to to supply the ship with breathable air, or too much to the point of needing to get rid of it some how.

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