A Cold Shoulder to Cold Fusion

The vast majority of the people in the world have never heard of Cold Fusion, or LENR, as it is now popularly called. The study of LENR was nearly buried, but positive experiments have continued twenty years after Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann’s announcement in 1989. As seen below, the late Eugene Mallove, a brilliant scientist and cold fusion expert, tells of how “arrogant physics” and the efforts of negative and close-minded hot fusion advocates led to the public smear campaign against LENR. Thankfully, the honorable efforts of Mallove and others have continued and now we appear to be close to legitimizing their work.
Dr. Mallove prophetically told in a 1994 Good Morning America interview, the very first cold fusion application will be “a home heating unit, and followed very quickly thereafter will be a small electrical generator.” Could this moment be upon us with the commercialization of Rossi’s E-Cat? If so, the world will owe a debt of gratitude to brave individuals like Eugene Mallove who remained steadfast in light of tremendous efforts to destroy an idea.

1 thought on “A Cold Shoulder to Cold Fusion

  1. Ok best answer. Who cares about the “science” behind any of these claims.
    Can anyone deliver the goods?
    Has anyone ever ever delivered on the promise of cold fusion LENR on real cost effective basis? In other words MONEY out is greater than MONEY in?
    Rossi and his Ecat so far HAS NOT delivered the goods.
    No real customer has ever gotten their hands on one.
    What is to make of that?
    That is the question. Is it a scam?
    I think that the answer to that will be for each person to judge. How many years are you going to wait before a Rossi Ecat is sold not only to a “real customer” but to more than one “real” customers?
    So far no goods have been delivered.
    My guess is some people will call it a scam 6 months from now, some a year, some two years etc.
    Who cares about MIT, National Instruments etc. Where is the working, produced and sold Ecat?
    That is why I say my “best answer” IS NOT TO LISTEN TO PROMISES BUT WAIT FOR THE REAL DEAL!
    As long as the Rossi Ecat remains an unfulfilled promise speculation as to its relevance, effectivity and conspiracy theories will thrive.
    Deliver the goods Mr Rossi!

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