Cold Fusion Heating up in Mainstream Media

Cold fusion is, conceivably, a third type of nuclear reaction (after fission and so-called hot fusion) that somehow occurs at relatively low temperatures. When Pons and Fleischmann, two of the world’s leading electrochemists at the time, reported in 1989 that their tabletop, experimental apparatus had produced anomalous heat that could only be explained by some sort of a nuclear process, the race to define or explain cold fusion began. Pons and Flesichmann also reported that they’d observed small amounts of nuclear reaction byproducts.

Read the full U.S. News and World Report Article Here

National Instruments is among a handful of large-cap companies actively researching LENR/Cold Fusion/Anomalous Heat Effects technology.  Per its company representatives “NI is interested in providing the best tools such as LabVIEW software and NI PXI and CompactRIO hardware towards science research to help understand the underlying physical phenomena behind LENRs and to perform advanced measurements and control on the experiments. National Instruments mission is to equip any scientist and engineer seeking to accelerate productivity, innovation and discovery.”

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