Binding Energy Will Release Us


Brillouin Energy’s General Counsel, David Niebauer, explains how harnessing the mysterious binding energy in the nucleus of an atom may solve all of our world’s energy problems.

Scientists have focused on the strong nuclear force due to the immense power that can be released from breaking the nuclear bond.  Less attention has been paid to the weak force, which causes transmutations and the release of energy in more subtle ways.  Recent theories that explain many of the phenomena observed in low energy nuclear reactions (LENR) implicate the weak force.  We are now at the stage where theory and experiment begin to complement each other to allow for the rapid transformation of the new science of LENR.

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  1. the most opportune time for nourishing lenr phenomena including coldfusion is the year 2o12. the most interesting fact is that about three innovators in the field of coldfusion or lenr phenomenon in general have
    the anomalous heat generation in lenr.f and p are the pioneers to experiment, observ e and infer the occurrance of coldfusion accompanied by emanation of very very weak nuclear radiation. the same has b een vereified by hundreds of research scientists including myself.i read the news regarding the discovery of coldfusion by f and p in our most famous news paper in india. on the same day our then director of central electrochemical research institute at karaikudi in idia asked us to venture into this new field. my group started the work. we succeede
    d in gettting thr autorsdiograph of the working palladim cathode.the emanation of ionising radiation was repeatedly confirmed by us using ferrous-ferric dosimetry of ceric-cerous reduction and ferrous-ferric oxidation and avove all anomalous heat evolution in repeated experimernts i was given the chance of presenting our data on our coldfusion experiments. in our work an interesting observation was the finding that liod -pd system gave rise to all above phenomena and surely not thelioh-palladium system’. we ttributed these cold nuclear phenomena to the quantum union of the deuterium pumped cathodically into palladium dueto the faster diffusion of deuterium in palladum than that of ordinary hydrogrn
    and due to the extreme tight confinemento fastmoving deuterium rather than ordinary hydrogen.this electeochemical confinement of deuterum inside pd cathode is the result of extra-ordinary prussure of deuterium and the fast movement of deuterium created intelligently by the electrochemical reactions.i can repeat all the observations we made in a few days after fandp announcement.this is a scientific truth.
    now simple theories including our points of view shoud be judiciously combined with the present inventions of rossi and others’ i wish this dream of all of us the believers becomes a realty dr.v. kapali, at present
    from edinburgh

    • LENR proponents have vaynrig theories on why LENR works, which is part of the reason many scientists fully ignore the claims. A LENR power source would act like most of all power generation does on Earth: the heat energy is converted into electricity by an external mechanism. Assuming LENR devices are practical, you could, in theory, replace the coal furnace in a coal electric plant with LENR reactors and, provided you’ve put in a correctly sized reactor so the thermal output is the same, the plant would function exactly as before: that is what makes LENR such an attractive power source, combined with the low expense of the reactants. Any known power source used, despite vaynrig size, mass, and storage requirements, will have the same problem with heat. I would say LENR, assuming it exists in the form the researches described, would be safer and cheaper than any other method; a small amount of hydrogen is easier to store than uranium or a much larger amount of combustibles.

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