LENR and Toyota

Toyota has been funding LENR research since 1990 when it gave haven to Fleischmann and Pons at its IMRA lab in Nice, France.  The Japanese government has reportedly spent hundreds of millions in Cold Fusion research and has granted over 100 LENR/CF patents.
Toyota is apparently active again as the newly subscription only New Energy Times is reporting.  Toyota has apparently hired the Electric Power Research Institute a think tank in Palo Alto, California, to conduct an analysis on LENR.
The prior post and the video below detail a little of Japan’s history with LENR.

3 thoughts on “LENR and Toyota

    • Both are fusion and the prucdots of the fusion reaction have a smaller total mass than the total mass of the reactants. The mass difference is converted to energy as determined by Einstein’s famous formula, E=mc2. Since E=mc2 holds the same for both systems, they are the same in how much energy they produce per unit of matter converted to energy.However, what really matters when comparing fusion-based power systems is the NET energy produced. This depends on how much energy you have to input to the system to initiate and sustain fusion. So to really compare systems it becomes a matter of which systems are more efficient. Today’s Hot Fusion reactors take in more energy than they output. For Cold Fusion, Rossi’s ECAT for example is claimed to output six times more energy than is input to it.

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