Ten Things We Learned About the Ecat Today

In an audio interview today, Andrea Rossi answered questions on the Ecat, Hot Cat and Leonardo Corporation’s operations in LENR.
1). The military customer has run its Ecat for “many thousands of hours.”
2). The Leonardo Corporation guarantees a COP of 6.
3.) U.S. Partner plans to sell its heat to customer at temperatures of 102-130 C.
4). The Hot Cat works at very good stability at temperatures of 350 C.
5). The infamous Hot Cat photo has leaked under a NDA and was part of a controlled destructive test.
6). 1 gram of mass = 23,000 Megawatt hours. 1 gram of nickel = 23,000 Megawatt hours.
7). Rossi claims they are close to producing electricity.
8). An independent committee of international professors tested a Hot Cat in March for 120 straight hours and will be published in a peer-reviewed journal.
9). Research is primarily in Italy, but with a concentration of operations in the U.S. (Florida). Sweden is in the process of developing manufacturing capabilities as well.
10). There are 106 modules in one 1 Megawatt plant.
Read notes here and here from the interviewers.

1 thought on “Ten Things We Learned About the Ecat Today

  1. There is not one scintilla of evidence for:
    1. The professors
    2. The military customer
    3. qualified operation of the 1MW device
    4. any calorimetry data with independent observers
    5. enrich Ni-62 (detailed in patent disclosure)
    He is existing on vaporware and he has acquired a following of wishful hopefuls. He has not really shown anything in four years on center stage and he has multiple convictions for fraud in Italy. He should never had been allowed into the country

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