ICCF-18 Recap: Working Together

Ruby Carat from ColdFusionNow.org did a wonderful job of reporting from the ICCF-18 in Missouri.

ICCF-18 Day 6: The Way Forward

ICCF-18 Day 5: Presentations and Awards

ICCF-18 Day 4: Presentations and Behind the Scenes

ICCF-18 Day 3: Photos!

ICCF-18 Day 2: Strong Claims and Rebuttals

Message from ICCF-18: Sunday Basic Course

Michael McKubre was asked to speak specifically on what will move this forward. He says two things necessary to move this science forward are, a need, and an independently-minded nation.
Who fits the bill? Italy.
“Italy is performing very well in this area,” says McKubre. “The next conference will be held in Venice, a rich city. Why is Venice a rich city? It is the industrial center of the region and it’s on the backs of industry that this field will move forward.”

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