Musings on LENR in our Energy Future

Allen Brooks posted an interesting compendium on the transformation of our energy production and referenced the disruptive potential of LENR.
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“LENR is tainted with the cold fusion hoax, but over the years, a small, yet growing band of scientists and researchers around the globe have continued to push the investigation into proving up the science.  Top universities around the world are involved in the research along with work sponsored by leading global corporations.
More research needs to be done, but momentum behind LENR appears to be growing.  Why?  Clearly, LENR is a disruptive technology.  As was suggested to us in our conversation with our scientist contact, imagine if you could have a small unit in your garage that could produce electricity to power your house and automobile with a material source that cost $10 and lasted for six months while producing no dangerous waste.  Would that revolutionize the power business?  Certainly.  Could small LENR units be built to power vehicles?  Maybe.  When will we know?  Not for a while, and maybe never.  If it works, we are likely talking about a decade-long development period.  While that appears a long time, imagine you were at Drake’s well in Pennsylvania in 1859 when whale oil was still the preferred lighting fuel.  Would you have embraced oil?  We urge readers to pay attention to LENR’s development as it may signal the next energy transformation.”

1 thought on “Musings on LENR in our Energy Future

  1. Yes Allen Brooks, the potential for CF/LENR is incredible – bringing a safe, clean, and abundant energy source that will usher in a Third Industrial Revolution in manufacturing. Cold Fusion is NOT a dirty word and is NOT a “hoax” and may eventually be validated. The verdict is still out. Some researchers claim nuclear bi products and transformations.
    “Could small LENR units be built to power vehicles?” YES, the small Rossi E-Cat would work in a car or truck to heat steam, electricity or hydrogen for power.
    John De Herrera

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