2 thoughts on “Tom Darden of Industrial Heat LLC

  1. Message to Tom Darden – My name is Wayne Owen. I’d like to introduce to you a huge discovery of H-D cluster C-60-C-70 fullerene’s producing LENR Rydberg atoms. I’m a backyard experimentalist who believes started the LENR revolution back in 2005 by electro-chemically loading hydride Bucky Ball’s into a variety of metal lattices. I have met with some of the nation’s top Cold Fusion/LENR physicists throughout the years. I have scientific reports to prove what I claim…. For example, Glow Discharge and CR-39 nuclear track particle’s. I believe that if it wasn’t for this discovery, W-L would have no theory. I’d really like to bombard you with years of data. My goal is to sit down and discuss with you how we can change the world. Kind Regards, Wayne

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