Airbus Unveils E-Fan Electric Plane

Airbus, fresh off revealing an LENR patent only a few months ago, now reveals a totally electric airplane powered by batteries. One can only imagine this technology being combined with an LENR generator to create impossibly long flight ranges without the need for fuel capacity restraints.  As an added bonus, it has a low carbon footprint and is very quiet.

1 thought on “Airbus Unveils E-Fan Electric Plane

  1. Bravo for being a progressive thinker and risk taker!
    I’m the guy who first proposed the idea of LENR propulsion in NASA’s SUGAR studies. I retired from my former employer to form a non-profit company (Phonon Energy) that will prove the feasibility of LENR technology. I’ll be giving a talk at SAE Aerotech this Fall on a proposed hybrid LENR propulsion system concept. It’d be great if everyone could work together on this for the betterment of mankind.
    Cheers, Dave

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