Rossi Receives U.S. Patent

On August 25, 2015, Leonardo Corporation (Andrea Rossi) received a patent for a unique fluid heater.  LENR theory is not specifically mentioned in it, but the fuel mixture of 50% Nickel powder with grain size 1nm to 100μm, 20% Elemental Lithium powder, and 30% Lithium Aluminum Hydride is disclosed.
The world waits to see if LENR and Rossi’s E-Cat and Hot-Cat technology will revolutionize our energy industries for the better.
Patent US 9115913 B1

1 thought on “Rossi Receives U.S. Patent

  1. Congratulation Mr. Rossi !!!
    Any date when the products will be available to buy?
    Will any investment opportunities be available for people that previously signed up for early shipment of the ECat. I would love to help install these EVERYWHERE.

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