ECat Pricing

We just spotted initial ecat pricing and details on availablility on

ECAT 1 MW units, current price $2M (For sale now, 4 months delivery)

Details regarding the 10kW ecat home unit availability have cropped up as well:

ECAT 10kW Home units  (Will be available in 2012/2013, waiting list available now)

2 thoughts on “ECat Pricing

    • What do you think? Pretty good scam? Why would this be true? How could it be true? Who is this person? Does he REALLY have pattens? And what are his pattens actually for? All good questions for a person who is trying to make sense of these claims. How do you go about judging whether a claim is true or false? The main point of determining whether a claim is true or false rests on the claimant (the person making the claim). Is he reliable? Have you ever heard of him before? What Scientific journals has he published in? What achievements has he made? How does anyone go about making sense of ANY claim? By weighing the evidence for and against the claim.

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