Low Energy Nuclear Revolution

By all accounts we could be right on the verge of a pivotal moment in mankind where all of our energy needs will be satisfied by a new, clean, inexpensive and almost limitless source.  More than one scientific camp is vying for history and a Noble Prize, including the enigmatic (or Edisonian) Andrea Rossi, whose Ecat reactor appears to produce excess heat from a low energy nuclear reaction (LENR).
The following link sums up the race for rewriting our energy history:

As the technology sits today The Rossi E-Cat is in production facility exploration. Blacklight is making presales, The Australian hint of a technology is said to be nearing a prototype. Many others are closing in on solidifying their ideas into consistency and reliable energy release. It’s a seminal period that looks to be far past the notion LENR is mental magic.

Strap in folks, an energy revolution is upon us.

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