Darden Upbeat On Other LENR Avenues

Tom Darden, founder and CEO of Raleigh’s Cherokee Investment Partners, an investor in Industrial Heat LLC, has stated he has “moved on” from Andrea Rossi and his E-Cat technology, despite ongoing litigation with Rossi and his partners.

Darden says he’s moved on to other possibilities when it comes to LENR technologies. Rossi’s research was just one of a dozen avenues Industrial Heat was exploring. Of those 12, Industrial Heat has halted or slowed funding on about half, he says, adding that the management team feels “increasingly good” about the remaining avenues. “Our triaging process is working pretty well to figure out which ones we want to continue to support and which ones we don’t.”

3 thoughts on “Darden Upbeat On Other LENR Avenues

    • As far as I’ve heard,
      most of IH funding goes to basic sience.
      Dennic Letts was cited.
      Mileys IP was transmited to IHHI patent pool.
      There are word about Brillouin IP.
      Halgelstein was cited in an interview.
      Other possibilities, never cited may be Dennis Craven, SKINR, SRI, Seashore Research, Phonon Energy, ENEA, why not Boeing…
      I don’t think that LENR-Cities Suisse or CNP (Srivastava&al) are among, as they had through LENR-Cities SA (under liquidation) link with Airbus, while IH have link with Boeing and both don’t mix.
      I don’t think they work with Japanese company, who have their own ecosystem.
      Chinese partner seems excluded by Dewey Weaver

  1. TOM . How many thousands of companies, scientists, physicists, research groups, do I have to ” Prove” to that a huge resource of ” breather” carbon , generating BULK amounts of dense hydrogen fuel for low energy nuclear power, Is ready for engineering and development .? KIND REGARDS WAYNE.

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