5 thoughts on “An Energy Revolution: It's Real

    • This sounds like a wofenrdul idea. Unfortunately, a lot of effort is required to take a new technology from theory to production. A proven operable system will go along way to convince the naysayers that the idea really is delivering much more energy than it consumes in electricity and in other expendables. I hope this can be demonstrated soon so equipment suitable for installation in homes can begin mass production.

  1. Heat production deecettd radiation and deecettd fusion products suggest that some kind of nuclear reaction or fusion takes place but the reactions do not show the amount of radiation and the ratios of products that known hot fusion reactions do. Output of neutrons n tritium T protons p and gamma radiation has been reported by cold fusion but not in the amount predicted by standard understanding.

    • Free energy , that is pterty relative , and applicable to those who deem to preserve , yet the moment something is free , waste becomes a natural by-product . Have you ever noticed the waste and abuse of water / electricity / resources in the school / company / industrial environments by those who preserve the same at home to save on the bills .Once we can cut the heating bills ( cooking and hygiene incl. ) The balance is lighter to bear , led technology and many more low consumption devices could then put a better perspective towards the storage and application of solar energy.

  2. like to see it proven, but so far none of the 4 cniimalg control has been proven . I’m as hopeful as anybody and believe in them. It would be nice if they prove it to us through third party testing. They described their experiments in immense detail so I assume they are willing to try.

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