JCMNS: Experiments and Methods in Cold Fusion


This Volume 22 marks the tenth anniversary of the publication of the first volume of the Journal of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science. This journal was created to fill a void in the scientific world. Since the beginning, in 1989, the subject of Cold Fusion, discovered by Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons, has been, and is still, rejected by the scientific community. There was a need to go beyond the International Conferences on Cold Fusion proceedings to publish papers. It was necessary to have an internal way of communicating between scientists working together, just like in any other field of science. From the very start, it was decided that the journal would be peer reviewed. Also, since ICCF16, the Journal publishes the proceedings of the conferences and workshops dedicated to Condensed Matter Nuclear Science. A total of 312 papers have been published, 93 of them being conference proceedings.

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This journal features articles from Mitchell Swartz and Peter Hagelstein, among others.

Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project

In coordination with Hunt Utilities Group, the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project (MFMP) is working to produce testable prototypes of a variation on the Celani Cell.  The goal of the group is to bring transparency to the plan, designs, the process, the data and the results of their LENR experiments.  If successful, the members of the MFMP hope research funds and private capital will flow into the LENR field and result in some amazing, life saving, and life improving products.
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