Stanford Energy Club: Nuclear Energy Community Kickoff: LENR Panel

A meeting of the Stanford Energy Club’s Nuclear Energy Community was held on January 25, 2017 and the panel members included many LENR notables:
Carl Page and Frank Ling – Anthropocene Institute
Fran TanzellaStanford Research International
Alan Goldwater and Bob Greenyer – Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project
Robert Godes of Brillouin Energy makes an appearance, but unfortunately does not speak due to apparent time constraints.

Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project

In coordination with Hunt Utilities Group, the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project (MFMP) is working to produce testable prototypes of a variation on the Celani Cell.  The goal of the group is to bring transparency to the plan, designs, the process, the data and the results of their LENR experiments.  If successful, the members of the MFMP hope research funds and private capital will flow into the LENR field and result in some amazing, life saving, and life improving products.
Visit them here.