Forbes: What Aspiring Engineers Need To Know About The Future Of Energy

In an article published at Forbes, Paul Browning, President and CEO of Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems America, answers several questions about clean energy production.

“Since 2005 the carbon emissions from the U.S. power sector are down by 23%.”

While there is no mention of LENR, Browning does say that renewables, coupled with battery technology, or clean power sources that remove the problem of carbon emissions, will be the likely energy source of the future.  Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is actively engaged in LENR and transmutation research.

In an article entitled Transmutation Reaction Induced by Deuterium Permeation Through Nanostructured Multi-layer Thin Film, the authors claim “there is a possibility, however, that this technology could become an innovative technology that could be developed for radioactive waste treatment, and we will promote research toward commercialization while continuing to make efforts to elucidate the phenomenon.”

Nikkei Reports Mitsubishi to Use LENR To Clean Nuclear Waste

New Energy Times is reporting a translation of a recent Japanese article in Nikkei, a popular business magazine, that Mitsubishi Heavy Industries plans to use low-energy nuclear reactions to clean nuclear waste. This patented LENR transmutation method was developed by Mitsubishi physicist Yasuhiro Iwamura.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries began the study of the transmutation work in the early 1990’s and work has continued despite a limited budget and staff. The group’s research only became widely known in 2002, after Iwamura published a paper in the Japanese Journal of Applied Physics.  While the article predicts this technology is at least 10 years away, a surge in awareness and funding may speed the development of their research.