Are You a Believer?

The Believers begins in March of 1989, when two respected scientists from the University of Utah stand in front of a wall of reporters; flashbulbs pop as the pair — one shy, the other cracking jokes— announce a startling claim: they can solve all the world’s energy problems using seawater, batteries, and the mysterious glass contraption they hold in their hands as they pose proudly for the US and international press. “Cold Fusion” is born. Within days, Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann are on the cover of Time Magazine. But, only three short months later, their careers in tatters and their reputations ruined, they flee the country and cold fusion becomes synonymous with “bad science.” An embarrassed press, a confused public who have witnessed this highly unusual science fight, and the entire mainstream science community–knowing it violates the laws of physics–all assume that Cold Fusion is dead.
But there are those who refuse to accept that. More than twenty years after the infamous event, a band of professional and amateur scientists, a high school whiz kid and a Hollywood-based internet DJ are confident that Pons and Fleischmann were right after all and Cold Fusion will save the world. These are The Believers.
The Believers

LENR Film – The Believers

LENR has captured the imagination and curiosity of the world and a new documentary recalls the initial cold fusion findings at the University of Utah in 1989 by scientists Stanley Pons and Martin Fleishmann. Twenty three years later,there is still no universal validation and we are left wondering how their bittersweet discovery will shape the future of mankind.

The Believers trailer from 137 Films on Vimeo.